Our meetups and workshops orient themselves along the schedule of real parents. This means: if possible, no events before the start of Kita (daycare) or during the pick-up window in the afternoon. Children are welcome at all events. We work with coworking spaces, such as the juggleHUB in Berlin, which are tailored to the needs of parents in order to enable childcare during the events. Our rules: Come as you are. Come tired, come laughing, come frustrated and with greasy hair, come beaming – the main thing is that you come and take the next step on your path to founding your business.

We’ve all been there!

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Speaker Event &
Expert Session

  • Speaker Events
  • Expert Sessions

We send out an open invite to an expert session at least once a quarter. In addition to some inspiration, there is always time for your questions and the opportunity to network with other parentpreneurs during these sessions. Topics are mostly business-centered or at the interface between founding and family organization.

Deep Dive

  • Deep Dive

Our secret star is the monthly Deep Dive, a kind of mastermind group in which six to ten people devote themselves to a specific challenge. Each participant can nominate their challenge to be discussed. Working together on a problem not only brings maximum creative solutions to light, but also enables particularly intensive networking with others.

Do you have a topic that you would like to discuss in this group?
Contact us, we look forward to your challenge!

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