A lively and appreciative community is at the heart of the ParentPreneurs. The network thrives on parents who are passionate about their ideas and who want to help others implement their ideas. Networking, exchanging ideas and mutual support are essential drivers for successfully setting up a business and at the same time mastering the challenges as a parent.

Our community is as diverse as life and work models can be. On this page we will introduce them to you one by one. Do you want to be there? Then contact us with a short text + link to your business and a photo.

Lena Heller


Heiko und Maja Kienbaum

Founders "Was Paare glücklich macht e.V."

Anna Gründer

Co-Founder "Institut für schöne Arbeit"

Sebastian Eumann

Co-Founder Atypical.Life

Silvia Steude

Co-Founder juggleHUB Coworking

Greg Minko

Co-Founder MindCaptains

Allissa Hitzemann

Founder B wie Berlin

Julian Kea

Expert Serious Games

Michelle Bäßler

Founder Cosi.Work

Lidia Minko

Design Captain

Maria Paz Hornisch

Founder The Digital Madl

Hanna Drechsler

Coach & Expert Vereinbarkeit

Dagmar Meske

Founder Treepoint

Annette Kinne

Expert Organisationsentwicklung

Jan-Hendrik Brune

Expert Organisationsentwicklung & Facilitation

James Harrup

Expert Story Telling

Susanna Stursberg

Expert Marken und Patentrecht

Luis Borges

Expert OKRs & Innovation

Jasmin Tabib

Founder Parentime.de

Dr. Mynia Deeg-Neuhaus

Founder Online Schwimmschule

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