Who is a ParentPreneur?

When becoming a parent, one’s view of the world and one’s own (work) life changes. It is no coincidence that after having children, many people think about starting their own business for the first time. We are the network for parents who want to make it happen.

You have a business idea? You have children? – Then this can be the beginning of another life-changing journey.

Parental leave is Start-Up Leave.

We believe that parents can change the world for the better – by creating value-driven businesses that solve real life problems and by building organizations that allow individuals to thrive.

In 2021 the startup-ecosystem is still primarily tailored to men and people without children. It’s high time to change that! Parents think future before exit and are a key driver for the urgently needed change. We support them in unfolding their full potential.

What does the ParentPreneurs network offer?

We specifically support parents on their way – from the first idea to starting their business. How?

  • with the ParentPreneurs Incubator (“Kick-start your business in 9 months!”)
  • with a strong network of parent-founders with a wide expertise
  • with meetups & workshops tailored to parent founders & their families’ needs
  • by putting parent run businesses in the spotlight
  • with a network of work spaces for parents
  • through 1: 1 support on various topics – from MVP to Mental Health
  • by taking political action and tackling structural barriers

Upcoming events

ParentPreneurs Events are the ideal opportunity to learn from and with other parent-founders and to expand your own network.

I left the session at juggleHUB overwhelmed and with the pocket full of positive feedback and ideas.


The best thing about ParentPreneurs, isn’t its innovative formats, enlightening speakers and excellent organisation. It’s not the light and accessible location (or the free biscuits). The thing that makes it the best business meetup in Berlin is helping and being helped by a passionate, supportive network of like minded, genuine people - No startup one-up-manship or business buzzwords, just real people trying to make something great, together.


Die ParentPreneurs sind für mich wie ein Leuchtturm in einer Startup-Landschaft, die ansonsten eher auf junge, ungebundene Gründer ausgerichtet ist. Sie geben mir als zweifache Mutter die Chance, mich auszutauschen, zu lernen, zu wachsen und daran zu glauben, dass es möglich ist, mit vollem Herzen Mutter UND Unternehmerin zu sein.


The workshop was organized nicely and was very efficient. I enjoyed it very much and felt very welcome and comfortable even without knowing anyone there!


Dank der Session zum Crowdfunding habe ich eine weitere Finanzierungsmöglichkeit für meine anstehende Gründung kennengelernt und mich mit interessanten Gründern vernetzen können.


Die Inspiration zum Branding war sehr hilfreich für meine aktuellen Herausforderungen als junge Gründerin.


Genau solche Initiativen fehlen hier - toll dass es ParentPreneurs gibt!


I can safely say that joining ParentPreneurs was the beginning of my road to entrepreneurship.


Wir haben das ParentPreneurs Netzwerk in Berlin entdeckt und wussten in diesem Moment genau, dass es das ist, was wir in München auch auf die Beine stellen wollen. Solche Initiativen brauchen wir Gründer und Eltern.


Es war wirklich klasse, mit einem ausgewiesenen Experten so unkompliziert über meine Herausforderungen sprechen zu können. Ich mache mich jetzt hochmotiviert an meine Hausaufgaben und habe das Gefühl, einen entscheidenden Schritt weitergekommen zu sein, um mein noch junges Business erfolgreich zu machen. Vielen, vielen Dank!


Our partners

Social media

We publish news, event announcements and fresh content about entrepreneurship with family on our LinkedIn page. We have also started a LinkedIn group – here it’s up to you to use it to exchange ideas with one another. There is plenty of inspiration on Insta – with chic pictures, live stories and pictures from our events.